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"Every positive action counts, and when compounded over time... amazing things WILL happen!"  Melanie Jean Burke

Meet Melanie

Melanie is one of elite few Global Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world.  She is also a CPA, CMA, Controller, and CFO with 30+ years experience working with Entrepreneurs, Executives and Individuals dedicated to lifelong learning towards personal and professional excellence.

While healing from a near fatal illness in 2009, Melanie and her family seized the opportunity to completely reevaluate priorities from a new, more holistic, perspective. Thus began her journey of intentional shifting and re-purposing the contributions and lasting impact her life's work would have, ensuring that EVERY DAY COUNTS! That time of recovery has been the catalyst to the introspective discovery process that give Melanie the courage to begin sharing her message through the many related transformational courses and workshops she continues to create today.

Through her many life experiences, Melanie knows first hand the challenges of daily overwhelming struggles and financial recovery. Today, grateful with excellent health and joy-filled spirit, she brings an added dimension of empathy and compassion to her coaching and training. Her experience reaffirmed the founding concepts of CFO4U® / CFO4YOU®, evoking in other entrepreneurs, the courage to take an honest, fresh, new look at their own business ventures. 

Melanie is committed to her pursuit of mastery as a world class Certified High Performance Coach™ which compliment her values. She continues to thrive on lifelong learning and crafting her visionary prosperity models with the commitment to excellence, and enhance her services through new online platforms, coaching, speaking, and her new weekly podcast Level Up Fast Track™ in production now.

UPDATE:  In the recent months, Melanie is walking through profound Deafness.  Diagnosed with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL), she is walking through this phase of her journey with Resolute Courage, and again shifted her intentions to serve the deaf community. Her new podcast by the same name Resolute Courage™ is currently in production, and she is one of a select few that fall in the Deaf Podcaster segment.  

Wherever you are on in your own personal journey, you will find hope and inspiration in her honest and vulnerable approach to living life on life's own terms.

Please understand that her website is in its message shifting state, and be patient with her process.  Melanie will touch your heart and hug your soul and she has done for so many others!  

Melanie's Path to Lasting Joy, Abundance, Life Mastery, and Spritual Fitness


Melanie.Coach [CHPC™]

Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle? It comes down to how they manage their psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion skill.

Think about it. If you can’t master your mind, your body, your ability to get things done, and your ability to influence others to help you on your journey, then you’re stuck forever in mediocrity. But master those things, and life changes forever, and high achievement is yours.

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"The single most tragic reason entrepreneurs fail in business is because they don't ask for help until it is too late. If you are embarrassed, lost, overwhelmed, in trouble and don't know where to begin with your "numbers"..., you are NOT alone! 

My life's work is bringing resources, training, and community to those who seek the knowledge and tools to fight for their dreams."

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"Those who are committed to life-long learning and self mastery take an "Accounting" of their lives at the beginning of the new year to see where we are in life and what needs to be different. But when we talk about "Accounting" in reference to our financials we look at it as boring and shy away from it.

My passion is to show you the similarities between accounting in your life and accounting in your finances. And then go from there."

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"The Universal Truths of Accounting honor balance, reconciliations, evaluations and celebrations within the circle of our lives. 

Joy, Connection, Well-Being, Peace of Mind, Abundance... these are some of the intangible gifts that ultimately manifest out of taking that first step to learning the divine aspects of these transformational principles."

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Certified High Performance Coaching ™ [CHPC] ™

When you feel you can power toward your goals every day AND live your truest, most vibrant, compassionate and powerful self, you feel more... ALIVE!

There's ANOTHER LEVEL of joy and freedom in life when you hit your full potential, when you're activating your intentions every day, when you're crushing it and moving your life forward for yourself, your family, your art, your mission.

But HOW do you get there? You simply MUST develop the SKILL of hitting "high performance" in all you do. Becoming extraordinary is a SKILL. If you learn high performance now, this will be the most REMARKABLE year of your life.


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Kind Words

"Extremely Effective"

"I had the pleasure of working with Melanie to regain control over a rapidly growing company where ownership and management were ill-equipped to manage that growth. Melanie contributed to this effort with her experience in public accounting, tax strategy, and unique ability to coach ownership through growing pains requiring change management skills.

Melanie’s accounting and financial technical expertise was useful at both a macro level, as well as very detailed analysis and reconciliation work that was necessary to design and implement corrective actions across the company. This included accounting and operational processes and procedures to provide management visibility and decision making. Melanie took the lead in training the accounting staff at various levels of accounting knowledge and experience. She was extremely effective of raising the efficiency and contribution each staff member.

In addition she was actively involved in coaching ownership in various fundamentals of running the business from a financial management perspective. She was extremely effective in her ability to convey complex accounting, financial, and operational details to an owner who started the business in his garage. Melanie’s management and teaching style is equally effective with people at all levels of experience and understanding."

Steve Donatelli
Chief Financial Officer

"Ability to Bring out the Best in People"

"I have had the pleasure of working with Melanie for several years. The accounting and finance knowledge that she has shared with me has been a tremendous help throughout my career as an accountant.

Her mentorship management style and effectiveness in implementing procedures and motivating people have been very valuable to the company and myself over the years. She has the ability to bring out the best in people by empowering them, using unique teaching techniques and setting high standards. "

Farrah Azordegan

"Peace of Mind"

I am eternally grateful for what you have done for me and my family.

I don't know what other small business owners worry about on a day to day operations. What you have provided for me is a road map to whatever it is that I want to accomplish in my line of business.

Your attention to detail gives me peace of mind and the ability to sleep at night. Going forward, I'm confident you have provided first class training and I have no doubt we are going to be okay "

Roger Zavala
Entrepreneur / Business Owner

"Expert Skills"

"Melanie cleaned up so much clutter in my life and made it into a sleek system of financial organization. Piles of backlogged paperwork disappeared and beautiful, neat accounting reports appeared in their place. Besides her obvious expert skills in accounting she is always a delight to be with!

Thank heavens for Melanie! "

Karen Logan
International Best Selling Author

"Rapidly Organizes the Disorganized!"

Melanie sifted through my disorganized and scattered finances to create a functional online accounting system that efficiently manages our weekly bills and finances. She has an amazing capability to rapidly organize the disorganized. "

Mark Lasoff
Academy Award Winner, Titanic

"Saved our Organization Time and Money"

" I have had the pleasure of working with Melanie Jean Burke several times over the last 6 months. She helped me grasp realistic short and long-term goals, identify areas that needed growth and is an expert in training based on individual learning styles. She also contributed out of the box ideas that led to tangible solutions that saved our organization time and money. Melanie has a very encouraging personality and my interactions with her, while challenging my professional growth, were always very motivating and uplifting. Ultimately, my personal value in my field has increased through the support of her efforts. She sees the big picture and genuinely loves to help people realize their full potential. "

Chrissy Hirsh
Owner, Mind Your Business

"Behind the Scenes"

As Melanie’s daughter, I’ve been a witness to the transformation within her and the profound impact she has on her clients.

I still remember sitting and doing homework after school while watching her in action. I am so excited that she is beginning to share her expertise on a more global level. She offers not only her invaluable advice and experience as an accountant, but also emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s personal happiness in order to run a successful business. "

Amanda Plagmann
Daughter/ TEDx Speaker

"What a difference"

"I won't say it easy going through the high performance coaching program, but it is definitely worth it! Melanie kept encouraging us to put down our first thoughts, "feel, don't think" and certainly don't over analysis. In each session, she reminded us that high performance is a feeling. Now, whenever I get in my head, I remind myself to listen to my heart. What a difference that has made to how I approach things. "

Vince Caporale
CPA / AAA, MidAtlantic

"Excited about the Possibilities Ahead"

"It may sound cliché to say that there are so many ways my life has changed and improved since taking the interactive online training and courses with Melanie, but it's absolutely true!

She asked questions, didn't accept my vague responses, dug deeper, made me squirm a little, broke through my tough, outer crust, guided me to find my own answers and then celebrated with me when I soared. I now enter each day, excited at the possibilities ahead. Thank you, Melanie! "

Connie Dempsey
Level 4 Senior Accountant

"Clear and Concise Messages"

"Melanie managed to put the complex idea of high performance into clear and concise messages. She had tidbits of wisdom throughout the coaching sessions, such as when she was talking about epiphanies, she said, "It's a revelation of the obvious." So simple, yet so true. Her relational style connected with me, reminding me to find ways to bring more of what's important to me into my life and, as importantly, discover what I don't want for myself." "

Sue DiBona
Care Giver

"Positivity and Encouragement is Contagious"

"I began the Certified High Performance Coaching™ with Melanie thinking that I had too many things I needed to change in my life and it was going to take a lot of work. I had seen the improvements a friend had experienced from the coaching with Melanie, but I was still a little skeptical it would help me.

After the first few session with Melanie, she helped me begin to realize that I didn't have to tackle everything at once. She went through a series of questions and gave examples that got me thinking in different ways and gave me hope that change and improvement is not only possible, but inevitable with what I learned. Melanie's positivity and encouragement is contagious and has made me excited for the future direction of my life. "

Karen Fayee

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